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TV Highlight - 22 December 2016

Does the Internet dream of itself?

Stay connected with Werner Herzog's fascinating documentary

The Internet was born in a small room in Los Angeles on 29 October 1969. Computer scientist Leonard Kleinrock proudly presents the hulking router that forwarded the first message over the precursor of the Internet. Less than half a century later, forty percent of the world’s population is online. Werner Herzog takes a curious look at this revolutionary development with his impressive documentary Lo and Behold – Reveries of the Connected World. He interviews researchers and entrepreneurs who emphasize the achievements of the Internet, and also critics of the World Wide Web.



‘Does the Internet dream of itself?’ he asks, and with such ideas sets his interlocutors off thinking. What will the future look like? A brain researcher is convinced that we will soon no longer send texts, but thoughts, into the world. And Herzog is astonished to learn that a solar flare could destroy our entire digital world. A film that fits perfectly into this day and age and provides Internet users with quite some revelations.


Lo and Behold – Reveries of the Connected World