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Made in Germany - 22 December 2016

Made in Germany: Saskia Rosendahl

Lufthansa talks to the actor about growing up, the questions of her generation and rubber planes

The fictitious license plate ‘NIW’ stands for Nirgendwo (‚Nowhere’). Here, somewhere in Germany, seven twentysomethings are drifting between exams, drugs, parties, wanderlust, love and friendship. With his feature film Nirgendwo, Matthias Starte has drawn a portrait of a group of Millennials trying to find their own way. The actor Saskia Rosendahl plays Susu, the old flame of the protagonist Danny (Ludwig Trepte). Born in Halle (Saale), Saxony-Anhalt, in 1993, she rose to prominence four years ago with her impressive title role in the movie Lore. She was one of the Shooting Stars of the 2013 Berlinale.



You are 23. Do you feel grownup?
In fact, I associate rather negative notions with the term ‚to be grown-up‘. It sounds as if one had left the child in oneself behind and would now be much too rational, prudent and guided by fear. That‘s why I do not want to call myself an ‚adult‘, but, of course, I notice how I grow day by day and feel far away from the Saskia I was at 20.

In the movie Nowhere, they say 26 is the new 16 ...
One can observe all right that something is shifting in the generations. That we twentysomethings ask ourselves: ‘Who am I?’, ‘What do I want to do with my life?’ and ‘Am I happy doing what I‘m doing?’. Many at my age try to take the time they need to answer these questions. This may give you the feeling that at 26 you are only just beginning. And 26 sounds just too old, 16 fits better ...

Your generation in three words?
Bold, wandering, colorful.

What is home to you?
My family is actually home to me. Locally, it’s definitely Halle. I know the streets and have filled all the corners with my stories. It’s a feeling of familiarity and security that this city is giving me and which is very important to me, especially with all the traveling to and fro.

Life is too short to ...
... be guided by fear.

How do you spend your time on the plane?
Mostly I read screenplays and listen to music.

When you think of Lufthansa, you think of ...?
I used to have an inflatable Lufthansa plane :)