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Themed Feature - 21 October 2016

Natural Talents

Take a walk on the wild side with our movie selection

‘What are you doing so deep in the jungle?’, Kaa the snake asks wild child Mowgli. The boy doesn’t know how to respond as he’s been living there for as long as he can remember – the Indian wilderness is his home. The premise of The Jungle Book has enthralled us for generations. Now, a new movie using the latest computer-generated imagery brings to life its classic characters: Baloo the bear, tiger Shere Khan and all the other creatures Mowgli encounters. This month, Lufthansa invites you to enjoy several tales of the wilderness and marvel at how people survive in it.

While Mowgli was raised by wolves, Tarzan was raised by great apes. This son of an English nobleman is happy in the African jungles, swinging through the trees giving his famous yell. After umpteen movies about the man with the loincloth, Hollywood has just released another one, The Legend of Tarzan.

The estimated budget of $180m ensures an action-packed treat, with computer-animated wildlife and a buff Alexander Skarsgård. See gorillas splashing through water and Tarzan conversing with lions or diving off a cliff — grabbing a vine just before impact.

In family drama Captain Fantastic, scientist Ben, played by Viggo Mortensen, seeks out seclusion. Deep in the woods of Oregon, he raises his six children according to his alternative creed.They live in nomad tents and go hunting and fishing for their dinner. When his children learn of a popular caffeinated soft drink, Ben describes it as ’poison water’. A spontaneous road trip to New Mexico forms an eye-opener for all concerned. A surprising, thoughtprovoking film with spectacular images.

The movie Wild also offers great shots of nature and a heartwarming story. After her mother dies, drugaddicted waitress Cheryl leaves her life behind and walks from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest – the equivalent distance between Frankfurt and the Black Sea. No wonder she’s soon troubled by battered feet.

Based on a true story, this film depicts Mother Nature as offering the opportunity for solitude and freedom. But She’s also no respecter of human frailty. A healthy bank account can’t help when you slip in the secluded rapids. Director Jean-Marc Vallée pushes Reese Witherspoon to her limits, filming her with handheld cameras and without artificial light.

In documentary Where the Wild Men Are, Ian longs for a fresh start after his marriage breaks down in 2008. He leaves his job and auctions off his house, furniture and car on the internet. After a world trip, he buys an uninhabited island in Panama and we discover if he finds happiness there.

BBC documentary Human Planet: Jungles explores how indigenous people have adapted to life amidst tropical vegetation: we see just how high in the trees the Indonesian Korowai build their tree houses. And in the Congo Basin, a father grabs a vine and climbs a 130-foot tall tree to collect honey. His poise on a branch as a swarm of bees attacks him takes your breath away. ’If you have fear, you will fall,’ he states simply.


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