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TV reunions

In our new series on board, you‘ll find nasty oil barons, stressed-out pensioners and suspicious police officers

Most people think of Pierce Brosnan playing suave spy James Bond. In new western drama series The Son, the Irishman portrays antihero Eli McCullough, a Texan patriarch who in 1915 wants to move his business from cattle to oil. In flashbacks to the 19th century, we see Eli as a boy growing up among the Comanche, where he learns the hardness necessary for his ruthless rise. It’s a stellar performance by Brosnan, now 64, who returns to the TV screen 30 years after “Remington Steele”.

For more than 200 episodes, Kevin James played the delivery driver Doug Heffernan in Emmynominated series “The King of Queens”. In his new sitcom, Kevin Can Wait, he is a retired police officer on Long Island looking forward to spending more time with his wife and children. He quickly realizes that the challenges at home can be tougher than those he ever faced on patrol. Watch the first eight episodes of season one. By the way: Leah Remini – who played Doug’s wife Carrie in “The King of Queens” – will co-star in the second season of Kevin Can Wait.

Police officers are also the main characters in Line of Duty, the BBC series about the investigations of an anti-corruption unit in the West Midlands and Northern Ireland. A sergeant and his armed response team shoot dead a criminal. Was it selfdefense or a cold-blooded murder? This award-winning police drama is just the thing for those who dig thrills and conspiracy.


The Son

Kevin Can Wait

Line of Duty