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Saving the world

Superhero movies are thick on the ground. We’ve picked the best among the new releases

Superman saw the light of day in 1938. Since then, superheroes have conquered pop culture and are crowdpullers at the box office. Although Wonder Woman is only four years younger than her colleague with the red ‘S’ on his chest, it took 75 years to get her a movie all her own. But what a movie it is: with charismatic Gal Gadot in the title role, this action adventure amazes critics and audiences alike. World War I, 1918: A combat pilot crashes near an island inhabited by female warriors. One of them, Princess Diana (no one calls her Wonder Woman), saves him. Thanks to her bracelets, mortar shells cannot hurt her, and with her magic lasso, Diana compels anyone bound by it to tell the truth.

What makes Peter Parker aka Spiderman different from other superheroes? He still goes to school. The 15-year-old from Queens was bitten by a radioactive spider and as a result is able to crawl walls. Clever, imaginative, hilarious: Spider-Man: Homecoming starring ideally-cast Tom Holland offers over two hours of fun and perfect entertainment.

Captain Underpants is also a superhero. At least he sees it that way. Two fourth-grade pranksters from Ohio hypnotize their morose principal, so he thinks he is a superhero in undies who fights giant toilets. Yes, sounds screwy, but it’s very funny. This animation film celebrates friendship and fantasy and is a pleasure for both young and old.

Wonder Woman
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie 
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
X-Men Origins: Wolverine 
The Wolverine