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Enjoy your midlife crisis!

Our new series take a look at the turmoil of middle age, with a wink, thrills and lots of bling

Do you know all the members of boy band One Direction? No? Then you are probably over 30. This also applies to recently divorced mother Liza. She is 40 and unemployed. A surprising flirtation in Brooklyn puts an idea into her head: What if she pretended to be 26? The creator of “Sex and the City” is behind the sitcom Younger, which stands out due to its witty screenplay and fabulous leading actress Sutton Foster. Liza memorizes the members of the boy band and gets a fake driver’s license. But her newfound youth has pitfalls, both in her new job and in matters of love.

A midlife crisis also catches up with the couple Tom (Kai Wiesinger) and Hanna (Bettina Zimmermann), both in their mid- 40s, and parents of two teenagers. German comedy series The Glory is Gone is aimed at viewers over 40, who ask themselves the same questions as the series’ characters: Was that it? Is there still anything left to look forward to? Is this the life I imagined? Wiesinger, himself 51, created the series, directed the screenplay and also co-wrote it. It is a cheerful and unabashed look at the daily life of people who are no longer young, but not yet old either.

For those who love the combo of luxury and excitement, we’re showing the British thriller series Riviera. It’s set on the Côte d’Azur, with its yachts, villas, helicopters and their owners to whom money is no object. Young art curator Georgina (Julia Stiles) marries the billionaire Constantine Clios. After a deadly explosion, she gradually learns the dark secrets behind his wealth.

The Glory is Gone