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Surf’s up!

Two stunning documentaries show big-wave surfing from a female and a male perspective

When the Polynesians in the Pacific invented surfing, the hobby was enjoyed by men and women from all social strata – until 19th-century missionaries put an end to this intermingling. Even today, female surfers do not get the attention they deserve, so we welcome documentaries like The Wave I Ride about 29-year-old big-wave surfer Paige Alms. See how the courageous Hawaiian from the north coast of Maui paddles into monster waves. An inspiring film about a woman who pursues her passion persistently, and with much humility before the ocean. And if you are a water sports enthusiast yourself, why not try an exercise from Alms’ surf training: you take a big rock in your hands, hold your breath and start running across the seabed. No kidding, see for yourself.

At the same surf spot as Alms, Ian Walsh also ventures into waves that are sometimes 50 feet high. In Distance Between Dreams, you will witness the elaborate preparation that big-wave surfing requires. These encompass the rescue teams who are always close to the surf on their Jet Skies, ready to help immediately. Thanks to microphones in the wet suits and fearless cameramen, you can experience the thrill of riding the surf as if you were there.

The Wave I Ride
Distance Between Dreams