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Top secret

Enter the hidden world of secret societies

In these time, where so much is public, secrets are particularly appealing. This also holds true for secret societies – material for numerous conspiracy theories. Director Ron Howard’s The Da Vinci Code is about the Priory of Sion, which has protected a romantic secret of Jesus Christ since the year 1099. (That this brotherhood was not founded until 1956, seems to be negligible).

In the second film based on a Dan Brown novel, Angels & Demons, the Illuminati take revenge on the Vatican. This secret society was founded in Bavaria in 1776 and was forbidden only nine years later. But some believe that they kept going, had their finger in the French Revolution and still strive for world domination.

Equally improbable, but entertaining nonetheless, is the plot of National Treasure, starring Nicolas Cage. He plays a historian who is searching for the greatest treasure of all time. It was discovered by the Knights Templar and later hidden by the Freemasons, a fraternal organization with mysterious rituals.

The Knights Templar, a religious military order, are also the subject of the video game adaptation Assassin’s Creed. Here they are fought against by another secret society, the Assassins of the Middle Ages, who want to protect free will from the oppressive Templars.

The Da Vinci Code
Angels & Demons
National Treasure
Assassin’s Creed